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How is fake ?

Today let’s check the new great and dashing offer given by Note 3 at Rs 1[OMG] , I’ll never miss an offer like this probably you too may not . Just few hours ago someone sent this message

“BUMPER Sale (Exclusive offer)- पाएं Redmi Note3  android Mobile वो भी सिर्फ 1rs में । अभी लेने के लिए Register करे . ऑफर केवल  registration पर उपलब्ध हैं । जल्दी करे । Visit just now” .

And me  [WTF] , why did i buy my phone for Rs 12,000 at by being in a queue . But still i’ll apply and get 10 more phone and gift everyone .(just kidding ).

#1 The UI and unprofessional interfaces ( User Interface)

The user interface is

#2  The URL PATTERN(Shared link): ww-letv-at-1rs-inThe link you send to refer to any friend is same for every one. That directly mean that there is no tracking system which works for you to increase your possibility to win the phone . There is just the java script behind to count the no of times whatsApp opens , which can be skipped by just opening the whatsApp but not forwarding for .


#3 Poor tracking System : When you share the message to your friends to refer them , it generates the same URL. In other words the url send to your friend and link shared by other user is same , hence the tracking system really does’t work .


        Do this Experiment : It will be quit interesting : After filling any details you click on “SHARE ON WHATSAPP” and let            the App open, then , just go back to the webpage without sharing the message. You can go to the next step without              message forwarding process.


#4 The fake promise : They do a fake promise that the number of time you share the link you will have more probability to get the “NOTE 3” but when you share the message on whatsapp The new viewer clink on shared link, then he goes with the same process of sharing .


#5 Unprofessional language : 4The notification and popup in unprofessional language , yes if you take any professional E Commerce they are very specific to language and the manual , but coming here they have messed up and it give more strength to believe that definately it’s not a proper offer .

#6 The mental force to download and install the Devil App . They are Showing the coupon code just to believe that you gonna get the phone after registering But it really never happens in reality .

Also read : 


#7 App is not hosted on play store or any other trusted hosting Like Amazon App store. Hence there is no reason to believe that your phone contacts and other stuff will be secured after installing the app .


Why they are doing this ? What is the benefit of doing this .

Your data matters , once data is collected from your phone they will be used for advertising . You must have heard that there are so many companies who need you logs and the details . These app can not be trusted because they do not specify their functionality .

This website is not alone who have followed this stratgey to collect data but also for LeEco Le 2 and any FREE MOBILE .



Don’t feel embarrased about it, you are not alone have a look of this statistics .


Domain is registered 


You can get more details about this site from here [].

I hope this post helped you and saved your time from doing useless thing . Do try to educate people around you . In last i wanna mention i’m not best to do this all but just trying to help people . Thanks


Help and teach your friends about this scams. This is not the first link which offers like this but there are many .If they still don’t agree let them experience . 😀

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