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Dear friends think once before you share your credentials to any one at this stage of technology to any untrusted website or app. A great hacker might be sitting behind your computer/smartphone just for your single click and some basic info.

A great engineer told that To catch a thief, you need to think like a thief“.  Lets come  to the main part for which you  came  here . 


Why is fake/scam ?www.letv-at-1rs


#1 : website History : Domain(website) name is just 2 days old(while writing this post) . That means it was registered two days ago .


#2 Website Validity : The Domain( is registered just for an year , Which is  the minimum validity offered by any registrar . you can check the above 2 details by just pasting URL “”  on . Your can register a domain by spending Rs 127 and a share hosting(Rs 300) and start a website like this without and great hacking exp .


#3 Tracking system :  The tracking system is too poor/ Try to see when ever you or your friend is sharing message on whatsApp having same URL “”.www.letv-at-1rs c


#4  It asks you to share the website link with 8 whatsapp groups , which you can skip without forwarding the message by just opening the WhatsApp .


#5 Download this App and apply coupon:  This is the most funniest part . Where you have to download the APK . Neither i or you know what is inside except the DEVIL is declaring download this app and get latest leEco with best specks for Rs1 .


[wp-svg-icons icon=”bell” wrap=”i”]Few Points to consider about “”

#*$  Think twice why this app is not available at app store .www.letv-at-1rsccc


#*$  This “How it’s possible to deliver Products places like “.


#*$  Why after installing those apps adds are appearing on your screen .


#*$ How big  this brand is spread enough that they are ready to deliver smartphone in all  the states in india (including andaman nikobar, lakshdweep). Which is not even covered by E Commerce like: Amazon and Flipkart.


OOH my Friend , after looking this  info you gonna feel happy that you are not alone who is visiting this think but there are people in 10000(lacks) who are visiting for the free smart phone .


Okay so the last thing wanna mention that if you feel that thi sarticle helped you then share your your feeling by commenting below. That helps me and people to understand that they are not alone who are facing this problem and please stop promoting these types of fake websites which offers these kinds of things .  😀



Help and teach your friends about this . 😀

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